welcome to our world

Who we are

We are what we do. We make products that satisfy the people who choose us. We love what we do. And we like to do it in the best way, with genuine products that safeguard the environment, with selected and seasonal raw materials, with recipes in harmony with tradition and with behaviors that respect people.

We start from the best of nature with the aim of always improving what we do. For this reason, to guarantee quality, we carry out physical, chemical and organoleptic checks during all phases, from the careful selection of raw materials together with farmers and suppliers, up to the finished product.

Food and creativity for us in Tirrenia Food are an inseparable union. We have always developed recipes and products to anticipate the wishes of our consumers. We look for new solutions every day to combine innovation, taste and health, always creating new recipes to satisfy all tastes, even the most demanding ones. We inspire positive life models, marked by well-being.

We are tied to the earth and act responsibly towards nature. This is why we decrease our environmental impact by reducing carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the use of renewable energy and we adopt all the precautions and processes to make our work more sustainable.