In Oil

The Tirrenia Food range of pickles is rich and contains the best of the gastronomic tradition of our Italy.
Our pickles, precious and tasty vegetables, are preserved in a delicate sunflower oil which makes this delicious appetizer suitable for all palates.
Our secret is to choose high quality raw materials to be preserved according to traditional conservation recipes, always respecting the times and seasonality.
Artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms and many excellent delicacies to be enjoyed as an aperitif, as ingredients for first courses or as side dishes to accompany meat or fish main courses.


Prepared following the classic recipe, Tirrenia Food Artichokes are born from the Italian tradition of preserving vegetables in oil. The artichokes are tender and tasty as if they were freshly picked. Traditionally used as an aperitif or as an appetizer, they can be used to enrich the salad or to complete the most diverse recipes.


Sliced aubergines are a specialty of Tirrenia Food: aubergine and peppers fillets in sunflower oil ready to be served as an appetizer, as a side dish for meat dishes or as a delicious ingredient to add to the salad.


Tirrenia Food recovers the true flavors of our culinary tradition to make it a rich and appetizing specialty. Made only with seasonal vegetables, the sliced peppers are more than a side dish, they are a riot of taste and color: red and yellow peppers, in sunflower oil and spices are the main ingredients of this rustic recipe. Our peppers are traditionally paired with meats, as an appetizer, and with polenta but are also delicious on croutons.

Sundried tomatoes

Tirrenia Food offers a great Mediterranean recipe, simple but rich in taste: dried tomatoes seasoned with sunflower oil and aromatic herbs. Ideal for a tasty appetizer, as a snack for an aperitif or to flavor salads, pizzas and croutons. Delicious if shredded and added to pasta with walnuts and chilli peppers for a touch of extra flavor or to garnish fish dishes.


Zucchini are grown on fertile soils and, immediately after harvesting, they are processed, cut into rings and flavored with garlic, chilli and aromatic herbs. They lend themselves to original and refined preparations in the kitchen for their delicate flavor and for the white and creamy pulp. Ideal as an appetizer and as a side dish.